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Polymate trays are specially designed for households, quick service restaurants, cafeterias, food courts, schools and healthcare operators.

Freezer Container Sets

Freezer containers seal in the taste of food, so you can turn yesterday’s Leftovers into today’s lunchtime treat, resulting in less wastage of food.
They are made using FDA approved materials.

Butter Dish

Elegant looking, easy handling butter containers, produced using Food Grade Materials

Lunch Box Green

Strong and elegant looking lunch boxes, produced using Food Grade Materials

Spoon & Spatula

Handy design, produced using Food Grade Materials

Cans Range

Available in 1 liter to 25 liter capacities. Different colors to choose from. Ideal For industrial use.


Stronger bins for multiple purposes

Waste Paper Bins

Stronger bins for waste disposal purposes

Crystal Box

Transparent box with a lid. Made using food grade plastic material, they are ideal for household and industrial use. Can be used as a packaging solution for small businesses.


Made using food grade plastic materials, our food storage containers keep everything tidy and easier to find. The see-through sides let you tell at a glance when you need to re-stock. Our canisters are ideal for storing spices, food and other ingredients.


Extra strong and durable buckets

Baby Basin

Attractive design for the babies. Pink is also available


Made using food grade plastic material, Polymate Basins are ideal for washing and day to day household use. They are comfortable to carry, durable and affordable. Available in 6l,9l,25l, & 70l capacities

Square jar

1800 ml transparent Square Jar is made using food grade material and Are available in attractive colors.

Round Jar

This 2000 ml transparent Round Jar can be used with both boiling hot water and ice cold water. They are made using food grade material and are available in attractive different colors.

Lunch Box and Water Bottle

Made using food grade plastics, Polymate Lunch Box is specially designed for children and can hold hot and cold food items. The lid creates an aroma-tight seal, so the food you store stays fresh for longer.

Compost Bin

The 160 Liter capacity compost bin is easy-to-use and it converts your household garbage to compost. It will initially take three months to convert the garbage to compost and afterwards you can remove compost on a weekly basis.

Segregated Garden Bins

Our bin range is designed for easy cleaning and can be used for variety of purposes within the household and in the garden.

Rose Bowl

Simple yet timeless kitchenware with a modern touch. The soft, round shapes and
Attention to detail frames the food on your table really well. The size and shape of the bowl makes it perfect for use as a soup bowl.

Multipurpose Basket

Available in 4 colours. Suitable for household and industrial use. Perfect for transporting damp clothes from the washer or collecting dry clothes for ironing. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Picnic Cups

Picnic cups are made using food grade plastics and are available in
Different colours. They can be stacked inside one-another to save space in your Cabinets when not in use.

Rainbow bowl

Rainbow bowls can be used as a mixing bowl, toss salads, mix dough, stir batter and more. Made with food grade material. Safer to keep warm and cold food items.


Bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with holes. Can be used for draining food such as pasta or noodles. Colander is also used to rinse vegetables. Colanderallows liquid to drain through while retaining the solids inside. Can be used for hot food draining.